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Dr Hinchey speaking at 2023 CNPA on Lyme and COVID
Dr Hinchey speaking at 2023 CNPA on Lyme and COVID

As medical professionals around the world deal with the aftermath of a global pandemic, researchers and clinicians alike are finding striking similarities between COVID and many complex chronic illnesses. One illness that has particularly interesting overlap with COVID is Lyme disease.

In this fascinating lecture, Dr. Myriah Hinchey discusses the precise cytokine cascades that are impacted by infection with Borrelia burgdorferi, the main culprit behind Lyme disease. Nearly all of these cytokine cascades are also impacted by COVID infection in the same manner.

Because of the nearly identical immune response to both Lyme and COVID, clinicians around the globe are seeing COVID-triggered flares in long-resolved Lyme patients.

This lecture helps clinicians understand why COVID may exacerbate Lyme symptoms in patients in remission, and presents a concrete plan of action for naturopathic management in these cases.

With a thorough review of the biochemistry of Lyme and COVID infection and selected case studies, Dr. Hinchey provides attendees with the tools necessary to appropriately assess and manage confusing and complicated cases of Lyme/COVID infection.



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Day 4 

Join us for an unprecedented Lyme Disease Online Conference!


We are excited to be a part of a free special online event that looks at the topic of healing from Lyme Disease and other chronic diseases. You can register for free and get all of the important details here:


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The Truth About Lyme Disease: A 5-Day Online Conference To Unlock Your Hidden Healing Potential, Get Unstuck From Chronic Disease & Finally Turn Your Health Around


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Dr. Myriah Hinchey ND, Co-Founder and Owner of LymeCore Botanicals

will be speaking at the Conference  February 9th 6:05 MST

"Herbal Solutions for Lyme Treatment Complications"


About the Conference:

There are more than 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease in the US every year and this number is expected to continue to rise. Moreover, the controversy over chronic Lyme disease continues. Despite growing evidence of the persistence of lyme disease and other tick-related co-infections, many experts still assert chronic infections do not exist. The number of people with probable chronic Lyme disease is expected to exceed 2 million people in 2021…and it still gets minimal media coverage.


When you attend The Truth About Lyme Disease Online Conference, you’ll learn new insights about this important topic from leading experts in the world including:

  • Dr. Richard Horowitz - Updates on Novel Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols for Lyme and TBD's
  •  Dr. Neil Nathan - Mold Toxicity and Its Relevance to Lyme Disease
  •  Dr. Darin Ingels - Herbal Treatment of Lyme Disease
  •  Dr. Terry Wahls - Dietary approaches to controlling autoimmune processes
  •  Dr. Elisa Song -  Building Resilience in Your Kids - A Fireside Chat with Holistic Mama Doc Elisa Song, MD
  •  Dr. Kenneth Liegner -  3+ Years' Experience with use of Disulfiram in the Treatment of Lyme disease in One Medical Practice
  •  Dr. Joseph Burruscano - Tick-borne diseases: Basics of testing and Latest clinical enhancements
  •  Dr. Kristine Gedroic - Managing Inflammation: Common Elements between Viral Illnesses and Lyme Disease


This online conference will be broadcast from February 6 through February 10. Throughout the event here are some of the topics we will be exploring:

  • Why treating Lyme disease is so complicated
  • How to dramatically improve your outcomes using both conventional and natural healing approaches
  • How to treat and even prevent Herxheimer die-off reactions
  • How to manage the often long, circuitous path to healing from Lyme Disease
  • The latest scientific breakthroughs for treating Lyme Disease and co-infections and how to effectively implement them to optimize healing
  • The impact of mycotoxins, nutrition and mindset have on Healing
  • Healing PANS/PANDAS from the basics to cutting edge therapies


Together, we can bring more light to the prevention and proper treatment of Lyme Disease in our world today. 


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